Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's just another plain nice day

Sure has been awfully nice here lately.

Yesterday the high was 71 and although today didn't get anywhere near that, it was still a nice sunny day.
Sunrise was at 7:40am, the same it's been for at least three days now, but sunset is now at 5:13 and gaining a minute at least for the last three days.
This morning it was super windy out, which made for some fun echeloning on the rail trail with Betsy.

Picking her up on the rail trail today was going to be the lightest it's been for some time so I brought along the camera to take some snappies.

Sure enough, it was glorious-

But before that, it was even lighter and I was just cruising along.
Cruising along, taking pictures and riding no-handed-

Can you feel the speed?
I was getting bold, trying some new things, it was super-awesome!
Look what a nice picture I took-

Then I got too carried away, and as you can tell, the edge of the trail was coming up on the right.
Luckily I didn't take a picture as I was eating shite-

It's ok, I meant to do that...

Fun's over, it's cold out this morning (1/10/08, 6:50am).

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