Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Scream!

Ever since I got my post-cross-season-holiday crude I haven't had hardly any ice cream at all.
A really meager amount once or twice, and this was about a 4 week period! I was really trying to get better, not drinking much coffee, not drinking much beer.
It was torture!

Then I kind of just got used to it.

Two nights ago we went to the grocers and got a fresh tub of 'cream to celebrate a paper being finally published of Betsy's. That night we didn't even open it.
Last night we didn't either, though I did have a nice Sam Adam's Irish Red.

This afternoon (very early afternoon) I sampled it.
  Then I had a bowl.
    Then I had another bowl.
      Then I scrapped the lid.

It's all over now.
Coffee, beer, ice cream here I come.

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