Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Of my 3 contact points

While riding a bike, 2 are sore and becoming an issue.
Fingers are great though!


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sorry Jay

Can't work today.

New 160gB iPod just arrived!

Now I can finally have *all* my music and at least some space left for kewl videos.
I'm gonna stay up all night...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Pretty and Busy

Just look at it.

Pretty and Busy.

On the go, on the move, not enough dull moments.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gutter Socks

Everyone's got them, don't they?
Well I think I may have more, or rather I just keep wearing them.
Fergie made me a real nice sketch a few years ago, it's around here somewhere I'm sure, as nothing escapes. Nothing.

So I just happened to be working on bikes Monday, wearing these butt ugly water shoes that we picked up cheap, and looked down.
Gutter socks. And a real nice colour combo to boot.
Legs are lookin' real swell too.

Not horrid examples, just had to use the photo.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hillbilly Hygiene

I like having shaved legs.
I do not like shaving my legs.
I tend to hack them up, I bleed for a while, I don't like or feel good about having the water running the whole time I'm shaving, I've tried dry shaving and it hurts worse.

When I first started USCF racing in '87 I waited until I was a cat III to attempt the big shave. I had a tub full of red water by the time that was done, but I sure did like the feeling of clean sheets and freshly shorn legs!

Last year I stopped shaving before the start of Cross, and I didn't shave them again until recently.

Now I've got a much better system. A system that I enjoy and can feel good about.
A hose, a bucket, and a dull razor are all I need-

Look at that style, water conservation, and pure happiness!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Still for sale!

Bid early,

Bid often-
24 Hours of Big Bear

Just a pleasant reminder.

Just last week

I was still complaining of the heat.

And now it's freakin' 46°!

Went from shorts and no-sleeves to knickers and multiple long sleeve thingys in a matter of days.
That's just not right.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Boy my bones ache"

Were the last things I remembered upon laying down on the couch after finally getting home from the WVU 6 Hours of Big Bear.
"Why am I on the couch and what day is it?"
Were the first thoughts upon awakening. It took about two minutes to figure it all out.

Wrecked from a silly little 6 Hour race.
But oh what fun, and how well Betsy and I did!

Mixed Duo Team, racing SS, and a 15 minute flat change on lap 1.
My the end of the 6 hours we had crawled and stomped our way to 2nd place overall, having only a College Boy team beat us.
It was a pretty fun day.
Too cold perhaps and the start was too early. But it was fun.

Wrecking oneself is fun.

Friday, September 07, 2007


It's a neccesary evil I suppose,

Sometimes I have my shite together, sometimes not very close.
Today was a day that it wasn't.

Just trying to get it done before... more 24 watching!!!

And no, I have no room in the study, cause it's ahh... worse. :(


The more we watch 24, the more bits of nails I find around.

Of course I eat my nails like a normal sod, so they must be someone else's...
But no one has nails left here anymore.


Is taking all our time.

We eat, sleep, think, just like our comrades at CTU.
It's awful.
But we can't walk away now, we're in too deep.

sent from somewhere inside the Compound, room #3.
Secure port:3285

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I found it! Supplication.

Betsy knew I would, though she wasn't sure how long it would take.
I knew I would but really wasn't sure if I could take it.

There's an old Levi's Jean commercial, and it was part of a series, real urban, big city, showing lots of different folks and types of folks. The lead-in for one was the last shot of another. Maybe Chicago, perhaps New York, probably not West Coast.
Any way, the one I was interested in had a little guy on a minibike (see the connection?) and he steals something. A cop jumps in a cab and tells the cabbie "follow that guy, I'm a cop!" and then the cabbie does the whole inner city cop chase thing, and lo-and-behold he has pictures of Starsky and Hutch and Kojak in his cab.
"Who loves you Babe?" as he gets close to the minibiking thief, then slids it sideways much to the chagrin of the cop, and this happens multiple times.

It's not a Honda Trail 70, but a Mini Trail 50.
Still a fine commercial, and no I coudn't find it on YouTube or nothing.
Couldn't even find a reference of it anywhere on the web! If you can, do lend this sorry sod a hand.

So I had to go through my collection of VHS tapings of Millenium and The X-Files, cause I knew it was in there somewhere.
Found it, during the Millenium Alignment show. A good one, I'll get the date here after a bit. August 8th, 1997, when all the planets were lining up and all hell was bound to break loose.

That about made my day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A better and cooler place

Just think how much more *fun* life would be, if more folks were riding and trucking about on little motorcycles.
Big grins, having fun, chatting.
"You meet the nicest people on a Honda"

Well I'm doing my part now.

One van (anyone know what kind?), 4 folks, two Trail 70's. Sweet.

That's me, in my suit, going to work, and Betsy and I on the rail trail.

Chris and his concubine, coming over to the Shogrens, for card games, drinking, and trail riding.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Share the Road.

But Take the Lane as well.

"Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."
Seems no one can decide and neither side will compromise-

Google search on "cyclist fare best when they"

Oh well, we can keep trying and hoping.

Cross starts when?

You can see Betsy's new frames.
But can you see where mine are?
Buried behind the box, behind our borrowed award-winning Tandem.

I am not quite ready for cross, though my legs don't hurt when I run.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Beginning of the End

Of summer, and all that is peaceful and good in Morgantown, WV.

The students are coming back.
I noticed the blue and gold signs directing parents to the various dorms yesterday as I drove back into town and my heart sank a little.
This morning Betsy and I got to see that at 7:30am there were quite a few of folks trying to get it over w/ early. At Towers it looked like a huge Yard Sale and my cry "I'll give you 50 bucks for all your crap" got some chuckles and lots of gazes by already tired students and nervous parents.
No pictures, we forgot the camera. You'll just have to take our word on it.

On the ride back home the traffic around Arnold was at a stand still and getting only worse as there is little place to park, little place to off-load all your worldly belongings, and it's right on the main drag into town.

Yuck for anyone trying to get around town today. Unless you're on a bike!

And with this event, summer comes to a screaching halt.
More traffic, less parking, more obnoxious activity in the evening, more stumbling kids in the morning, more trash.

I know there are good things to come of all this, but right now they escape me.

Poopie pants.

Well we had a nice summer while it lasted...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bowling for fun and money!

Betsy, I, and her folks went bowling between her National Road Race and the Podium stuff in 7 Springs. A good time was had, I won, crushed them, but Betsy was coming on strong by the end.
I thought of her when I saw this-
Bowling for Boys and Girls Book
Next time we're going to put the money down and see what happens!