Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is what Spring is all about!

Now this is what Spring is about, and to have two of them in a row, well I don't know how I got to be so fortunate.

Nice weather, cool still, but manageable w/o too many layers at all.
Sunday morning bike race, close to home, ~1 hr drive.
Race well, feeling good, get in the lead break or the chase group, manage to win, and I'm pretty sure that didn't matter. It just matters that you race well and feel good about it in the end.
Get home, get some food, walk Jackie, do a few things done, watch the rest of a movie started a while ago never finished, then take a nap.
Wake from nap, do some laundry, put Jackie outside and then go out for another leisurely ride. Air still cool, sun still warm, all conditions good.
Close to a bonk, but that's ok, cause you can always mosey home somehow.
Eat some more food, more soup, an egg and bread delight cooked in olive oil, a few Twizzlers, and then a small glass of cheap red wine.
Do some more laundry, relax in front of the video screen and take in another movie of episode of something good. Tonight we're watching "Omega Man" in memory of the recently deceased Charlton Heston.
Liked him as an actor didn't care for his politics.

Just how many more of these "perfect Spring weekends" can we expect?

Does one make his fortune or is it fate?