Friday, January 25, 2008

First Out, Last In

It is butt cold out again.
We rode in this morning and the temp was in single digits F. That makes for a chilly morning, and unlike most mornings when once you're out there you don't feel too bad, it only felt worse once you were out in it.

But that's only part of what this post is about.
I realized on the way back (trying to not think cold thoughts and looking down a little more) that the tracks on our route were from Betsy and I on our way home yesterday evening. All the way from in front of the Rec. Center, across the CAC to the front, from the top of the Arboretum down the service trail, all along the rail trail, across the Decker's Creek Bridge, clear on out Past Med-Express to where we turn around, then all the way back around, up Decker's Trail, up the trail to Forest Ave., up the steps to Whitemore Park and then the tracks weren't showing up anymore past Mario's Fish Bowl since it we were on the well salted road.

Not that we're really trying, but on most days this winter, we are amongst the first out on the trail and then one of the last that evening.
We start at about 7:15am which until just recently was still quite dark, and we usually get home around 5:45pm or so, again, which until recently was getting or already dark.

Some days it's just a little easier than others-

I know, I'm looking old anymore, especially in the cold. Must be the Cold...
This is with (starting from closest to the skin) a long-sleeve turtle neck, regular polypro T, bib shorts, pretty heavy Specialized Jacket/Jersey, heavy Sugoi Uni-suit, old ESSM thermal Jacket, two wind jackets, one Patagonia super-visor-cap, Patagonia neck-thingy, tall socks, new Lake Winter boots, newish PI lobster claw mitts, and an old helmet that fits well w/ layers under it.
Pretty slim and trim.

Still pretty chilly.

First out, last in.

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