Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hilly Billy Planning Ride Adventure

Yes, this happened before the adventure below.
Oh well. You'll get over it I'm sure.

So it was a decent day, so JR and I grabbed RobbieL, BrentS and JohnP,
and off we went.
Off to see just how bad John Fox Rd. was, to see how awesome Little
Indian Creek Extension (JR calls is ICE) was, and something else that
I forget, it was last year you know.

John Fox was pretty bad. Snowy, icy, slushy. Not too much traffic though!
RobbieL had to clean house w/ the anticipated return of LauraK (and I
think he had enough of the crap we call cool dirt roads). He missed
out on a treacherous and nasty ICE.
JR sliding down the hill w/o his bike, me looking like I knew what I
was doing, but w/ one foot out it was just slightly controlled chaos,
and enjoying making everyone cross the stream in that weather.
At the end JohnP swears he doesn't remember ever being on River Rd.,
and BrentS as usual just laughs and smirks (I don't think he
remembered much of it either).
JR really liked John Fox (Betsy and I had ridden it a week earlier or
something and thought it might "make the grade" for the Dirt Road Race
JR had planned).
Thus began the turning wheels and scheming.

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Hilly Billy Raughbikes Prelude Scouting and Such

So this is the race-

Now the exact course has not been decided, but certainly the type of course has.
It will be mean. It will be fun. It will be quite possibly different
than anything most of us have ever done, let alone race on it.

We put out the word that we were going to do a scouting mission,
actually the second one so far, but I didn't document that one, just
Only me, Betsy, JR, Ryan, and then finally the ever-late but
ever-present Jaybo took the bait.
As you can see from the pics, it was a bit sloppy, then it was a bit
nasty, then the hills were oppressive and finally we had some
crackage. Any longer and I suspect there may have been more than just
Ryan drooling, but w/ the setting sun, lack of places to get food and
other aid (beer to numb the pain), we were all quite happy to have
ridden as much as we had.
Found a few little areas that we are going to happily include, found a
possible new way down off a highwall, meet up w/ some very pleasant
and encouraging folks, and of course there was one jerkwad (but that
was okay cause his road wasn't as good as the next, Hah! you turd).
Anyway, here's what we most of us rode. Jaybo didn't start until
Mylan Park and of course Ryan could only make it to the big bag of
Fryz at Sheetz-

Some of the expressions are apt at telling the true tale indeed.
And don't the new kits look rather swell, before they got pretty dirty
and stinky that is?

Look for notice of an opportunity to find out what the rest of the
route will be soon!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthin' Day Edgar!

It's been dark and a foreboding day,
I've been weak, weary,
and things sure are dreary.
Now I wait for night and midnight,
Once again to ponder more

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Presenting the Dynamic PT Cycling Team Kits!

Follow along in the pics for the strip show, starting w/ everything on to...
Doesn't JR make a stunning model?

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Riding the Tandumb

Gives us gas. Whew, we sure did ride it today.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Pictures no one's ever gonna see"... your big hairy butt JR!!

Second Day, Close to an Epic. Just Make It Happen!

We got up, drank lots of coffee, tried to finish off that dang
fruitcake, started getting ready, and by the crack of noon we were!
This is from JRs GPS-
Always wanted to ski around the Core Arboretum, but never had until
today. Getting down there was a bit long in the tooth, but we broke
it up by going up-down-speedin'-all-over at the Rail-Trail
Amphitheater and any over place that we found along the way.
Snow was good, a few bare places on the steep stuff at the Arb, but
for the most part is was really just nice skiing, AND the river was
starting to freeze over and I skied out onto it twice, but Betsy
wouldn't even watch me, let alone take a picture.
The way back had more fun, but then we crashed one too many times
doing silly dumb things, gloves got wet, and that was simply no fun at
all. But we got home regardless.
After a quick change of gloves I was feeling excellent again, so w/o
the GPS I went across the street w/ Jackie and skied for another 45m
which brought my total close to 6 hours!
No driving, not much planning, no problem.
Just Make It Happen!
Next week we might not get so lucky, so maybe we'll call it "a visit
my parents" and get a two birds, one stone thingie.

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