Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Tracks

Enough of that warming weather, clear skies, and the crawling critters coming out from hiding!
We've got more snow! And cold! And bleak skies!

Probably not for too long, and most definitely not as much as NE right now and always, but it always does funny things to the scene and the folks around here when we get a nice bit of ground cover over night.

After calling for the second time to make sure NIOSH was still operating a "normal" schedule, we headed on out, to get Betsy to work-

Boogied on down Wiley St., slowly avoiding a poor girl whose car couldn't get stopped before coming out onto Wiley, dashing through town, passing other vehicles of the non-human-powered-locomtion-and-butt-heavy-big-four-wheels variety, and finally making it to the fresh and virgin Rail Trail.

The snow was still falling, but not as much, the wind was still blowing, maybe a bit more, we kept on pedalling, having a nice relaxing ride in the snow.

Coming home I did a little trail maintenance up at Whitemore Park, got closer to home and rode around a bit more, just cause it was so quiet and peaceful-

After I was done tooling around and such I also noted that not everyone was having as much fun or doing so well in our new terrain.
We'll call these Bad Tracks-

I think cars look best in the snow like this-

"Cars are great, I just don't think they should be driven all the time."

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