Friday, February 15, 2008

Me and more stuff

Just what we needed,

But I just couldn't refuse them.

After riding to work w/ Betsy, one cool and early morn, and coming back the extend-o loop, according to my Cycle-Dumb Training Program, I saw our friend Vlad the Bikepaler, aka Nick Hein, who heads up Positive Spin and whom we've caught sneaking home in the mornings after a long night of bike gathering.

He was loading, sorting, and getting rid of some bikes and pieces and such, to be sold for scrap and then using the money for more bicycle advocacy, as is his volition.
I stopped by, started chatting a bit with Nick and also, unbeknownst to him, started eyeballing a few of the frames.

So I helped him sort some, move some, and he also showed me around the new digs that Positive Spin will be sharing very near the Rail Trail in the Wharf District.

I told Nick that I wasn't going to let these two frames go anywhere and would take them home. I'd give/donate some money to PS some day as well.

So I rode the rest of the way home with two frames wrapped around my neck and upper body.
Wish I would have had a picture of me riding, but I couldn't very well do that and ride...

So here I am finally at home-

And here are the frames.
One, as you can see, is a genuine Tom Ritchey frame without fork. Replete with the oh-so-bad-idea of chain stay mounted brakes, serial # - A5G00019

And this gem just pleaded with me, spoke to my roots, as a skater, punk rocker, and cyclist.
Just take a gander at the stickers that are still visible!
The one that really caught my eye was the Big Black sticker off one of my favorite albums (you have to guess or know the album)-

Yeah, that's it, just two more frames.
Might put them together. Might just take some more photos. Might make Chris help me put the HardCore f/f together and we could donate it to a worthy cause.
Probably gonna do some research on the Ritchey frame and see just what's up w/ it. Nick said it was given to them from a landlord, tenant left and there you have it.