Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Boy my bones ache"

Were the last things I remembered upon laying down on the couch after finally getting home from the WVU 6 Hours of Big Bear.
"Why am I on the couch and what day is it?"
Were the first thoughts upon awakening. It took about two minutes to figure it all out.

Wrecked from a silly little 6 Hour race.
But oh what fun, and how well Betsy and I did!

Mixed Duo Team, racing SS, and a 15 minute flat change on lap 1.
My the end of the 6 hours we had crawled and stomped our way to 2nd place overall, having only a College Boy team beat us.
It was a pretty fun day.
Too cold perhaps and the start was too early. But it was fun.

Wrecking oneself is fun.

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