Friday, September 28, 2007

Hillbilly Hygiene

I like having shaved legs.
I do not like shaving my legs.
I tend to hack them up, I bleed for a while, I don't like or feel good about having the water running the whole time I'm shaving, I've tried dry shaving and it hurts worse.

When I first started USCF racing in '87 I waited until I was a cat III to attempt the big shave. I had a tub full of red water by the time that was done, but I sure did like the feeling of clean sheets and freshly shorn legs!

Last year I stopped shaving before the start of Cross, and I didn't shave them again until recently.

Now I've got a much better system. A system that I enjoy and can feel good about.
A hose, a bucket, and a dull razor are all I need-

Look at that style, water conservation, and pure happiness!


gwadzilla said...

my brother got me one of those body shavers

as I am a bit of a hack myself

but I did not wait to surpass Cat III

as a matter of fact
I have never done a road race

gwadzilla said...

before I go downstairs and finish something I started in the basement let me tell a joke I created about cyclists and leg shaving...

one day a man is in his bathroom shaving his legs
when all of a sudden his five year old son opens the door
left standing stunned and surprised the boy asked why his father was shaving his legs
the father replied quite simply...

I am a cyclist
some cyclists shave their legs

then down the block a very similar occurance happens

a man is caught shaving his legs by is six year old daughter
with the same level of shock and surprise she asked why he was shaving his legs

he responded short and to the point
because I am a cyclist and some cyclists shave their legs

that answer was good enough for her
but before she left she had one more question... and daddy.. why is there a man in your bed

again being quick and to the point the father answered
because I am a road cyclist

Anonymous said...

You're my new screen saver at work. Nothing better than a dude shaving his legs in the front yard.