Thursday, August 30, 2007

I found it! Supplication.

Betsy knew I would, though she wasn't sure how long it would take.
I knew I would but really wasn't sure if I could take it.

There's an old Levi's Jean commercial, and it was part of a series, real urban, big city, showing lots of different folks and types of folks. The lead-in for one was the last shot of another. Maybe Chicago, perhaps New York, probably not West Coast.
Any way, the one I was interested in had a little guy on a minibike (see the connection?) and he steals something. A cop jumps in a cab and tells the cabbie "follow that guy, I'm a cop!" and then the cabbie does the whole inner city cop chase thing, and lo-and-behold he has pictures of Starsky and Hutch and Kojak in his cab.
"Who loves you Babe?" as he gets close to the minibiking thief, then slids it sideways much to the chagrin of the cop, and this happens multiple times.

It's not a Honda Trail 70, but a Mini Trail 50.
Still a fine commercial, and no I coudn't find it on YouTube or nothing.
Couldn't even find a reference of it anywhere on the web! If you can, do lend this sorry sod a hand.

So I had to go through my collection of VHS tapings of Millenium and The X-Files, cause I knew it was in there somewhere.
Found it, during the Millenium Alignment show. A good one, I'll get the date here after a bit. August 8th, 1997, when all the planets were lining up and all hell was bound to break loose.

That about made my day.

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