Sunday, January 10, 2010

Second Day, Close to an Epic. Just Make It Happen!

We got up, drank lots of coffee, tried to finish off that dang
fruitcake, started getting ready, and by the crack of noon we were!
This is from JRs GPS-
Always wanted to ski around the Core Arboretum, but never had until
today. Getting down there was a bit long in the tooth, but we broke
it up by going up-down-speedin'-all-over at the Rail-Trail
Amphitheater and any over place that we found along the way.
Snow was good, a few bare places on the steep stuff at the Arb, but
for the most part is was really just nice skiing, AND the river was
starting to freeze over and I skied out onto it twice, but Betsy
wouldn't even watch me, let alone take a picture.
The way back had more fun, but then we crashed one too many times
doing silly dumb things, gloves got wet, and that was simply no fun at
all. But we got home regardless.
After a quick change of gloves I was feeling excellent again, so w/o
the GPS I went across the street w/ Jackie and skied for another 45m
which brought my total close to 6 hours!
No driving, not much planning, no problem.
Just Make It Happen!
Next week we might not get so lucky, so maybe we'll call it "a visit
my parents" and get a two birds, one stone thingie.

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