Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hilly Billy Planning Ride Adventure

Yes, this happened before the adventure below.
Oh well. You'll get over it I'm sure.

So it was a decent day, so JR and I grabbed RobbieL, BrentS and JohnP,
and off we went.
Off to see just how bad John Fox Rd. was, to see how awesome Little
Indian Creek Extension (JR calls is ICE) was, and something else that
I forget, it was last year you know.

John Fox was pretty bad. Snowy, icy, slushy. Not too much traffic though!
RobbieL had to clean house w/ the anticipated return of LauraK (and I
think he had enough of the crap we call cool dirt roads). He missed
out on a treacherous and nasty ICE.
JR sliding down the hill w/o his bike, me looking like I knew what I
was doing, but w/ one foot out it was just slightly controlled chaos,
and enjoying making everyone cross the stream in that weather.
At the end JohnP swears he doesn't remember ever being on River Rd.,
and BrentS as usual just laughs and smirks (I don't think he
remembered much of it either).
JR really liked John Fox (Betsy and I had ridden it a week earlier or
something and thought it might "make the grade" for the Dirt Road Race
JR had planned).
Thus began the turning wheels and scheming.

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