Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Bane, my feet

These are my feet-

Not sure when it started,

But it may have been that "year of hard work". Working for Benji on his Custom Contracting Crew. But that in itself is worthy of a book, or a small tome.
Good guys, really hard work, quite enjoyable until things started hurting. A lot.
My feet went first.
The cold, the standing, the cold, who knows.

So that was 2006 or so.
That year for Cross I started cutting my insoles off just past the ball of the foot, to try and give my toes more room. They were hurting enough that it was beginning to severally deter my riding.
I had nice shoes, they were just too tight in and around the toes.

Come summer they get better.
Then last fall they got bad again. And I really couldn't even wear the cycling shoes I had. Went up stairs and got an old pair of 1996 Time's that were the "cold weather" pair cause they were on the big side.
But even they couldn't relieve all the pain all the time.
So I got that pair of Lake Winter shoes, but even they didn't stop the pain in the toes.
I took back the pair of Keen boots that MikeY gave me that I gave my dad. They were nice.

I need a pair of cycling shoes that are shaped like Keens or like my Whites, only taller in the toe box.

And mind you I do not have sensitive feet.
I walk on gravel, I run across the road, I spend as much of my day w/o shoes.
And what's weird is that my mammy used to say how much she loved to be w/o shoes. So much that she'd go off to school wearing shoes but shortly on the long uphill walk she would take the shoes off and then of course get in trouble for not having shoes on.
I didn't think it was cool back when I was young. But then sometime in the mid 90's I started going barefooted more and was actually trying to toughen up my feet.
It has taken years, but I'm actually most comfortable w/o shoes now.

Shoes are for sissies!
Except when you have to have them to race/ride your bike. And maybe mow the grass.

These feet do not fit well into these shoes-

Anyone got any suggestions?
I'm tired or it all.

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Frank Brigandi said...

Podiatrist visit maybe, I have a mortins neuroma in my right foot and it's brutal to say the least. I get cortizone shots every few months or I am crippled. My riding is still limited due to the pain onset. New shoes hate me, old shoes love me, problem with old shoes though is the cleats get rusted on and can;t be removed, so it's off to the shoe cobbler for some shoe stretching.
Left foot is a 3E roght is a 6E, no I am not related to Fred Flintstone as far as I know but anythings possible I'd guess.
going barefoot more has actually helped me out, and has cut down on the cortizone shots the past few years, maybe that's the key besides, our feet are engineered to not have shoes on them anyway and all we do is screw with some evolution for bike races and rental shoes for weddings.