Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm falling apart. More bane, teeth

Now mind you I don't floss or brush as much as Betsy,

But I do. Them both.

I think it has more to do with what I did with them as a child.
I guess I used my teeth as tools. Opening things, a weapon, a tool(s), many things when I didn't have enough hands or the proper machine-made tool unavailable.

I broke/smashed a tooth on the old Honda ATC 70 when I was kind of young.
Riding in the snow, having a good old time, sans helmet, but I had a toboggan on though, hit a patch of dry ground with one tire and ice with the other and smacked my mouth on the little bent up handlebar.
Had to rip the tooth out of my mouth cause it was just hanging there, blood everywhere since my lower lip was split open. Ride it on home...
Stitches in the lip, bone fragments in the upper jaw, and gap where the tooth used to be.

Got braces, and they *still* had to take some teeth out. And I was always playing with the bands and then they'd come loose and I'd flick them back and forth and then of course have to return to the evil orthodontist.

Well the fine ortho-man didn't leave me much of an over bite, so I started wearing my toothers out, grinding a bit at night, sharpening them up, to do some more cutting and tearing too. Just didn't stop.

And of course, like any good American boy, I had cavities. Not tons, but certainly I was no stranger to the dentist.

Had a buddy "help" me out by doing a wisdom tooth extraction on the cheap.
No antibiotics and of course I woke up that evening wanting to die. Had to get a buddy from Uniontown come and go get me the anti's and by day 2 I was finally able to get out of bed. It was rough. What a nightmare.
For the other side I did it the "front door" method and I was back at work later that afternoon. Amazing!

Now I gotta wear a little mouth guard so I don't grind my teeth down anymore.
I got fillings coming out if I'm not careful w/ my candy selection.
I chip my teeth occasionally.
They ache every now and again.
Sometimes I just want to rip them out and get dentures or something.

Had a big filling come out last week, just after I chipped off a slice of a front tooth trying to hold my jersey collar w/ my teeth and grabbing the zipper w/ my hand.
The big abscess is pretty far down the tooth and the Doc was a little afraid that I might need a root canal or crown or extraction.
Just great.
Yesterday after having a shiny silver filling put in (it should hold better than the more aesthetically pleasing "natural"), I couldn't open my trap much at all and felt like crap for the rest of the day.
And I'm still not recovered from the Duo 24 Hour race, so this is just ducky.
You ever try and take a picture of your mouth? It ain't easy-

Seems like a lot of stuff going on there don't it.

Well I'm feeling better today. No pounding, not sharp edges for my tongue to snag on, but I still have to go back and get the chipped front tooth worked on and they think that there's another "trouble area" inbetween two teeth that's just going to get worse...


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