Monday, May 19, 2008

Betsy says I've had enough

Pasta Salad that is.

Mike Goss from Sirianni's brought over a hole heap of yummy Pizza and three big, ahh... big, aluminum container, not sure what to call it, to the Cooper's Race.
The pizza all got ate, but we had two Pasta Salads containers left. One went to the Don Park family, one went to the fiendFamily.
Well here's what it looks like getting on down to the bottom on Thursday evening. We had made quite the dent in it.
Sure wish we would have weighed and photoed it when it was new and bloated-

What we took from the race was an unopened one. Completely full, making the top bow. It was really full.
And really heavy.

So starting on Sunday evening we had at least one bowl of it per day. A few days I had several.
Betsy lasted until Tuesday. Her belly wasn't enjoying it any longer. She's doesn't do well with the same thing for two out of the three meals per day.
I've been having it every day. Every day until tomorrow.
I had my bowl today. It didn't smell funny or nothing, but I did feel a little weird shortly there after. And I kind of made mention of it in an email to my Team Bi-atch Comrades.
Now it may have been the long day we had yesterday; saving the turtles, racing in the slime, driving-driving-driving, eating shakes and fries and then Chinese food for dinner.
But Betsy put down her little stompy foot. No more pasta salad!
There's really not much left and I was pretty much intending on not eating anymore after tomorrow anyway.
So I feel a day short of my quest.

She says I was starting to kind of smell like it anyway...

I'll have a photo of what's left soon.
Here it is!-

Couldn't stand it.

Just sitting in there. Still smelling good and Pasta-Salady.
So I had a bowl this morning. Tasted just as good as it did prior to yesterday.
So I had another bowl, warmed up in the microwave, just like the good old days.

And now it's gone!
I did it, and I'm not even beginning to feel ill. At all.

Me Pappy would be proud!

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BUNNY said...

You forgot to mention how we picked all the little pepperonies out!
Come and get it, folks, it's your last chance!