Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time vs. Cold weather vs. Clothing

It's a tough transition and we or at least I am having a tough time.
Winter just does not seem to be going away.

And if it is, rather slowly, getting warmer, it doesn't seem like it cause of this weird relationship we got going on here. Cold weather turning warmer --> Time.
I don't know how to graph it, I suppose somebody can, or perhaps it's just not possible, cause it's not really happening as I think it is.

As time marches on, and the winter weather just *starts* to subside, I still find myself wearing the same amount of clothing!

Let me try and explain.
About a month or two ago, when it dropped to the teens I'd have my usual long-sleeve base, jacket, and thermal then finally add the wind breaker with my Patagucci hat and lobster claws.
Now when it's in the high 20s to 30s I find myself still putting all that crap on.

My toughness is wearing out.
Or it's my body growing tired of taking the hit when it's cold.
Or I'm getting old(er).

Whatever the reason, I was pretty happy today, when, in the mid 40s, it felt a bit "warm", not the usual "cold damp" down by the river.

I think Spring may come after all...
And none too soon.


Julz said...

Hey there Gunnar! Nice blog, er ah, blogs I should say.

Just thought you and Bunny should know about this event - friend of mine's 7-year old boy is trying to free Morgantown's streets for riders. I'm sure they'd love some pointers from the pros!


An Uphill Struggle: Max’s Challenge to Morgantown

Julz said...

whoops - try it now: Max’s Challenge to Morgantown