Wednesday, September 29, 2004

sleeves, cemetaries, and critters.

Went from sleevless running this morning to long-sleeved jersey this evening, one of the beautiful ones from the long-gone Super Cup Cross Series. And it's 7:30pm and dark!
It's causing me to loose my focus.
My focus of snapping legs off at the races!

Today's ride brought to you by Icing and Club Cracker...when the motivations low and you need something to get you up and out!

The Mon River Rail Trail has to be one of the best things Motown has done.
Rode down towards Fairmont, met up with John Olmo, he told me that Darwin Johnson and his son shoot first and ask questions later when they catch folks on their land. Land that has the lonesome cemetary on it.
So I went there anyway, but didn't tary. Probably not going to ride up through there much more, now that hunting season is almost upon us.

Always lots of deer and bunnies on the trail, but if you keep an eye out you can catch a beaver swimming in the Mon., or two! So cool, so quiet swimming and sometimes so destructive. What a life.

Came back feeling friskiefied, rode over across the way at the high school with dairyDog, and ended up with a good-feeling ride.

Thank you Pillsbury Icing Doughboy and inexpensive Kroger Espresso coffee!
Nothing but the best for me.

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